WKN Malta brought to you by Adrian Axisa

Founder of Kick Boxing in Malta since 1985

This page is dedicated to all who are seeking to join , participate and become a member in the best Kick Boxing Orginization in Malta & The World.

Adrian Axisa

40 years experience in martial arts

Personal Training or Group Session

WKN in Malta since 2004

Stephane Cabrera

President & Founder of WKN (World Kick Boxing Network)
This is what he has to say about Adrian Axisa:
“ A passionate, experienced man who always listens to others, my meeting with Mr Adrian Axisa more than 20 years ago was already a revelation for me.
Since that day our relationship has never changed and the working bases have always been the same, based on mutual respect and total trust.
A man of principle, with optimal knowledge of combat sports, he is not only a friend but also a faithful partner in all circumstances.
The island of Malta, rich in history and a unique culture, can be proud to have a person like Mr Axisa to represent the image of combat sports as a whole.
It is with great pride and great honor that for more than two decades, the WKN has given its full confidence to Mr Axisa, making him one of our most loyal collaborators and a true friend. «
WKN World president
Mr Stephane Cabrera


kick boxing

These are held every 3 Months at the Ying - Yang Dojo in Fgura

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Demis Kick Boxing Club -
Ying Yang - The New Kick Boxing Club

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Gozo Kick Boxing

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At the moment in Gozo we can offer you personal training for general fitness & for competitive level

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